Membuka catatan lama: dulu sempet jadi salah satu situs favoritku. Soalnya dari situ kita bisa macem2 buku, majalah or software. Nggak sama dengan situs laen yang juga kadang aku kunjungi (, download di blueportal kerasa nggak ilegal… hehehe.. (soalnya kita harus register dulu ;p)
Hmm… hitung2 daripada ada bandwidth yang nganggur… coba ah cuci mata lagi di blueportal.


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  1. I opened this website for myself long time ago. Today it has become even better. I like the links and info that is given here, I just dislike some people. They make a lot of mistakes when posting or commenting. They are usually rude and have a bunch of problems I think. They spoil this website. I would want them to leave this place alone and go somewhere else to have their kind of fun.

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