dan akhirnya (nyicipin) ngedot juga!

#1: “pinjem dotnya ya dik (baca: tante)… ijaz belum pernah mimik susu pake dot sih. bunda ngajarinnya pake gelas trus… kayaknya ijaz ditakdirkan untuk mimik nggak pake dot, beda ma ayah. tapi kadang ijaz suka mimik pake botol aqua juga. biar keyen”

#2: “enak enak… asik asik… ternyata ni’maat…”

(sebuah percakapan antara ijaz dengan sebuah bayi disampingnya… yang tidak lain merupakan tantenya sendiri…)

1 thought on “dan akhirnya (nyicipin) ngedot juga!”

  1. Thats true Stani, ICC aren’t innocent in all this. I fogort to mention them.They can’t be held responsible for the actions of every player, but they are the ruling body and should have taken a more proactive approach with the PCB. They took to long to take the lead role in all this – just like they are currently doing with the problems with the UDRS system.They are the ruling body for christ sake, they should have been one step ahead and had already identified where the likely problems would come from, and set wheels in motion to try and prevent it.As prevention is definately better than cure with this issue.I do wonder with Amir, if he has got dragged into this, (in the way I suspect he did) then he has been badly let down and is probably unlucky. I wrote on a blog somewhere recently, that he probably didn’t have a clue of the significance of what he was doing. He probably thought it was just a couple of no-balls, no real big deal.Thats why I am now coming to the conclusion that Salman Butt is a total disgrace. The more I think about this, the more I think Butt has got off very lightly. He was the captain, he should have been looking after Amir, not dragging a young kid into things.I’m not sure whether it is insulting or not to say that maybe Amir is uneducated and therefore didn’t really know how serious what he did, is. Do you think that is a fair call Stani?

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