Kopdar Karimun Jateng 13 Oktober 2013

Karimuners Jateng 13 Oktober 2013 di Semarang. Sayang si boim cuman bisa nongol semenit aja…

Langsung dapat agenda keluarga setelah jokinya sembuh dari sakit hehehe…










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  1. I was laughing out loud when i read this post. Correction to your arlcite. I think after 1990, we have to start paying school fees as the subsidy for malays went on to help other unfortunate malays who cant afford schooling at that time. Anyway it is not much like every 3 months less than SGD 30 for a secondary school (sekolah menengah) and yes we can pay thru Edusave – a government grant thing given from the government when we start school at 6 and ends at 16.

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