Sebelumnya… kabar dari Microsoft

Kabar sebelumnya kayak begini….
Humm.. kayak gossip artis aja 😀

$1 amnesty for pirated software
*Microsoft has reached a deal with Indonesia over the tens of thousands
of pirated versions of programs used in government departments. *

Ministers said Microsoft had agreed an amnesty under which a token sum
of one dollar will be paid for every computer found to be using illegal

In exchange, the government has promised to buy Microsoft merchandise
legally in future.

Indonesia has one of the world’s highest rates of pirated programs.

* ‘Realistic’ deal *

The deal between Microsoft and the Indonesian government is said to
affect up to 50,000 computers running illegal software.

Vietnam: 92%
Ukraine: 91%
China: 90%
Zimbabwe: 90%
Indonesia: 87%
Source: BSA

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